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Our olive oil is our pride and joy, and also a precious treat for our guests.

This year’s harvest promises to be fantastic and we are forecasting an abundant quantity of olive oil of the greatest quality!  We have recently increased our orchards by an additional 2,000 trees and now the 2018 olive harvest is underway and the new olive oil will soon be ready for shipment.

Our family’s olive groves have 2900 olive trees that comprise a wide range of Tuscany’s indigenous varieties (frantoio, leccino, pendolino, moraiolo, olivastra), which are highly valued for the quality of oil they produce. The olives are handpicked (as opposed to beating or shaking the trees) in order to protect the integrity of the olives. The olives are cold pressed no more than 24-36 hours after harvesting. Our oil has an extremely low acidity rate--between 0.1 and 0.3%. (Industry standards require extra virgin olive oil to have no more than 1.0% acidity; and IGP certification requires no more than 0.5% acidity.) 

Our orchards have been tended with care for centuries. Some of our trees are 600 years old—and therefore still produce olives of the highest quality. The olive trees are expertly pruned and cared for by the expert hands of Luciano, who is quite proud of his skills and ensures excellent, healthy olives. Our harvest begins the first of November of every year. The olives are pressed at the local press. The oil is 100% that of our orchards, first pressing only. Our family stores the oil in our cantina in a way that ensures optimum conditions (temperature, humidity, cleanliness).. Every step of the process is done with pride, careful attention, and respect for this “liquid gold” that comes from the land and from centuries-old family tradition.  We are also very proud to inform you that after 5 years of conversion to organic farming, our farm is finally certified. This is a great achievement for Carlo and Luciano, their work has paid off, and from now on our wines, vegetables, and olive oil will be certified organic!

Carlo has an extraordinary tasting skill that makes it possible for him to serve on the professional tasting panel for the province of Siena—a panel that tastes and certifies olive oil produced by the farmers in our area. His tasting skills are tested several times each year to ensure high accuracy, in order for him to continue to serve on this panel. Only olive oils that are completely free of defects can pass the panel of tasters. Our oil undergoes this testing process. 

This is the oil we use in our own homes and that makes each of our meals so special and delicious. You can taste the love - the love our grandparents had for the trees and that they passed along to our parents and to us and our children. 

Buy Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOO for Your Family or for Wonderful Holiday Gifts!

Treat yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues with the precious gift of Cretaiole Tuscan extra virgin olive oil - handpicked, pressed at the local mill, and bottled by our family.

Once you have tasted genuine artisanal extra virgin olive oil, you will want to continue to enjoy the excellent taste, the healthy effects, and the satisfaction of nourishing yourself with one of nature’s finest ingredients.

How to purchase Cretaiole’s olive oil:

Now you can taste the love, too, because we are able to ship our oil during the months of November through May to ensure freshness. 

We ship a minimum order of five liters.

One 5-liter can: Euro 75,00
Five 1-liter cans: Euro 100
Shipping cost to the USA or Canada: Euro 47’50 (for 5 liters); to Australia: Euro 70
More than 5 liters will decrease the shipping cost per liter. Please ask for quotes. 
If you live in a country other than USA, Canada or Asutralia, please contact us for the shipping charge.
The oil is shipped in tin cans to prevent breakage.


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