Pienza - Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

Dear Isabella

Apologies for the delay in responding. Our experience was wonderful & beyond our expectations. Your villa is beautiful and the service impeccable. We are recommending it to whomever will listen! We will return!

Best regards
PS thank you for the cookbook
17 October 2017


Dear Isabella, Carlo, and family,
It has been two weeks since we have come home to the United States! And, Keith and I cannot even to begin to tell you how much we miss Italy and more specifically Tuscany and Casa Moricciani. Our two weeks in Italy is one we will NEVER forget. Our trip with Diane was one of pure excitement, relaxation, learning about passion, being amazed at what we saw each day, loving the food and for the first time in our lives....drinking wine!!!!
When Diane stayed with you 2 years ago, she shared all of our memories through pictures and memories....BUT NEITHER PICTURES NOR TALKING ABOUT HER EXPERIENCE CAN COMPARE TO THE BEAUTY, PASSION, AND AWE INSPIRING VIEWS THAT WE EXPERIENCED!!! Our week in your family villa was just beyond words. Spending time with your family each day was just wonderful. Your warmth, compassion, love, and desire to make your guests happy came through in everything you did. We TRULY miss all of you!!! From our walk with Carlo to the wine tasting, olive oil tasting, tour of Pienza, etc. we were able to become a part of your family and learn to love your home as you all do. Luciano was wonderful....so caring and loving and full of fun and the girls were such a big help. Dinner with Giancarlo was AMAZING and tons of fun!!! And, of course, the villa was the most beautiful place I have ever been!!! To wake up to that view each morning....to taste the wonderful food each morning, and to drink the wine each day was just beyond words.
I could go on and on Isabella....I am sure you have heard it before. Keith and I were able to walk through the village on the tour you suggested on our last day there and stopped by that beautiful old church by the olive grove. We spent a lot of time just thanking Jesus for giving us this extraordinary experience!!! And we want to thank you, Carlo, and your entire family for the beautiful memories forever etched in our hearts and minds!!! We are already talking about coming back in a couple of years and staying at your lovely villa again!!!
God Bless you and your family......we will carry all of you in our hearts!!!
Keith and Diana David
6 October 2017


Ciao Isabella, Carlo, Luciano, Marta and Shelby,

Our stay in your villa was a dream vacation and even more than we had expected. You all made it so wonderful and memorable. We have told a couple others about our time and they have asked how to reach you, so I’ve passed your information on to them.

If you ever come this way please let us know, for we would love to see you again.

Thank you for the recipes, and arrivederci to you,

Donna and Phil
2 October 2017


We had a truly wonderful time and thank you so much for making our vacation special!!

As discussed, you are welcome to come and visit us in Reno/Lake Tahoe area in Nevada.

We have a business associate/ friend that lives in Thailand who is interested in the same Villa we stayed in. I have copied Scot on this email, so that he can do an email introduction to you and our friend.

Thanks again!!

Linda and Scot
2 October 2017


Buongiorno Isabella!

I am so excited to hear from you and to receive your recipes. Thank you for sending them to me. I have been dreaming about the ragu we had for dinner our last night with you and of course, about the panna cotta (which I asked you about, remember? I don’t even like panna cotta)! I cannot wait to give them a try. I do not expect they will taste as good as yours but I hope to come close. :o)

We have been home for one week and honestly it’s been really hard getting back into the swing of things after having such a wonderful vacation, especially in Tuscany. We miss waking up in the morning to the sound of water running in the pool outside, to an amazing view, and to finding delicious goodies on our patio table, not to mention having our clean laundry delivered, tied in a ribbon with flowers attached! I just can’t imagine anything better. When we first arrived at Castelmuzio I texted our kids saying I thought I’d died and gone to Italian heaven, and it was truly that. I just cannot say enough good things about our stay with you. Thank you for all the love and attention you pour into the smallest of details. In all sincerely, it was the best experience of our lives. We hope to see you again in the not so distant future.
Many blessings to all!

Susan De Paola
14 August 2017


Ciao, Isabella!
We hope that you’ve had a good week with the new guests. We are already missing Casa Moricciani and we sincerely wish we could have stayed another week. We want to thank you for making our time in Italy so memorable for our family. We so appreciate all you did for us and we’ve submitted a Trip Advisor review that we hope you find helpful.
Grazie mille!

8 July 2017


Ciao Isabella and Carlo,

We wanted to take a moment and thank you for making our Tuscan vacation unforgettable! When I found Casa Moricciani I knew it would be a great place to stay on our vacation, but I had no idea how that home and that view would creep inside our souls and grab hold of our hearts. The energy and peace I felt there is exactly what I was hoping to experience and we have you to thank for making that possible.

Your family and those that surround you all share the same love for what they do day after day and it was so wonderful to experience that passion. My girls are already planning our trip to return to your beautiful home. (with or without me!) If you start to get a lot of visitors from New Jersey that is because I'm telling everyone they must go! We are excited make Pici together at home and share what we learned with our friends! Good luck with your new construction projects, I hope you share updates online!

All our best,

Andrea, Steve, Liz, Kate, Jack and Karen

PS-Tell Carlo that we miss our breakfast surprises each morning! What a special treat that was!
29 June 2017


Hi Isabella,
Thank you for a wonderful week. Everyone made us feel so welcome and we were especially grateful for all you did to make Mia feel so happy and comfortable. I'm sending a couple of sweet photos your way. We hope you are all doing well and that we can return in the near future.
Mille grazie,

The Monolo’s
17 June 2017


Dear Isabella,

Many thanks for your welcome email. We are now back home and have “reluctantly” resumed our normal routine. We had a wonderful time in Italy and particularly enjoyed our week at Casa Moricciani. It was a perfect vacation.

It was very kind of you to stock Stelle Fisse before our arrival. We were very grateful and made good use of the items. (We had thought we would have abundant opportunity to visit local markets, but with the Sunday and Monday 1 May holiday had less success – you saved us!) We loved preparing a simple meal and taking it (with wine) outside to enjoy the gorgeous views.

I shall always treasure the Tuscan views from Casa Moricciani. What is an interesting coincidence is the painting I acquired 5 years ago to hang over my desk has a similar feel / perspective. I append a photo of my painting. The German writing, I am told, translates as “From hiking we rest/now over the quiet land.” Very appropriate…

I wanted to express how much we enjoyed your Isabelle Experience book. We took it with us nearly every day, to append side trips or activities to what I had already planned. We enjoyed the Castelmuzio loop walk, visiting Sant’Anna in Camprena, wine tasting in Montalcino, the hamlet of Lucignano d’Asso, the “white roads” and other hidden gems.

Lastly, thank you for inviting us to the Thursday family dinner. We had a lot of fun! You, Carlo, and Luciano (and your entire team) are wonderful hosts – we felt most welcome, as though we were in our own home. Thank you for making our vacation very memorable.

David K. Hall
17 May 2017


Hi Isabella!

Grazie mille for the recipes! We will try them out soon and let you know how it turns out. I think the first one will definitely be the ragu(we'll send pics)! We can't say enough good things about Casa Moricciani! I true hidden gem in Tuscany. I think it's fair to say that your place was the best accommodations we had in Italy!

Yes, Italia was everything we hoped it would be and much more! We can't wait to come back with some family next time.

1 May 2017


Ciao Isabella!
Hope you are doing well! We are still dreaming about our amazing week at Casa Moricciani and I love looking through all of our photos.

We are just starting to receive some of the things we shipped (wine & copper pots...still waiting on our pottery! :) ) and Brian has a craving to make pici. As we missed the beginning of the session, we do not have the recipe/instructions. Can you send it to me or a link if you have it posted somewhere?

Thank you! Wishing you a wonderful end to your 2016 season and a restful winter!

10 November 2016


Ciao Isa,

We absolutely loved our trip to Casa Moricciani this year. The villa is gorgeous, and we too feel so happy to continue to see you and become closer with you and your family. You are all very special and hold a place in my heart. I am always in awe of your passion and energy!

We look forward to our next visit.

Much love,

6 November 2016



I wanted to let you know what a special week we had at at Casa Moricciani. You, Carlo, Carlotta and Luciano have created something truly magical!

Thank you so much for helping us arrange the day for Judi's birthday. Niccolò was a perfect choice to guide us through Brunello country. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about wine and Tuscany in general. We had an amazing day which concluded with such a special evening at the farm. Judi was overwhelmed! "Best birthday ever!" she has said many times.

Everything at the Villa was exquisite! I could have just hung out there the whole week!

We have told many friends about our experience and recommended your accommodations. With any luck Judi and I will return as well.

Judi is anxious to get the pici recipe. Please send at your convenience. We want to have our first Pici Party asap!

Thanks again for the incredible Tuscan experience! We have such great memories to cherish.

26 October 2016


Hello, I have been meaning to write since we got back home, but between work and work travel it’s been a little nuts! We wanted to say THANKS for making our trip to Tuscany so enjoyable- Your Villa was fantastic the setting the service everything was perfect. Carlotta was a big help, and the gal who came by every day to make up the rooms was also great- you have a good team.

We wished we could have spent a little more time with you, as we really enjoyed the time we did have. We will be back one of these days. Thanks again, and if you ever make it to Colorado let us know!

All the best
15 October 2016


Hi Isabella,

Thank you for the warm note. We had a marvelous experience at Casa Moricciani thanks not only to the beautiful apartment and setting, but also to the kind care given to us by you, Carlo, Carlotta and everyone else.

You have built an amazing organization and should be proud!

Thanks again and hope to see you again sometime.
Bob & Judy
16 July 2016


Dear Isabella,

I picked up Candice and Blake from the airport yesterday evening. They were both very happy with the entire week in Castelmuzio. In fact, when I asked them their favorite part of Europe, they both said that they liked the week in Tuscany the best. Tuscany will always have a special place in their heart.

You, Carlo, Luciano and Carlotta along with your local contacts helped create many magical moments for us. As you know, upon learning that Candice and Blake were getting married, Annibale at the Nostra Vita winery gave them a bottle of Brunello and described his impressions as he hand painted the label. They have a special gift they will always remember.

Our whole group had many great meals during the trip, but none better than the wine dinner at Osteria La Porta.

We really enjoyed our private pasta making class with Carlotta. The dinner at Cretaiole afterwards was fantastic. We all felt like we were long term family friends that were invited to the farm for a barbecue.

I appreciate you accommodating our group with private events. I know we created a lot of extra work for your entire staff that week.

We all had a great time with lasting fond memories spent together.

I'm sure we will be back soon.

Thanks again for everything,
14 June 2016


Hi Isabella,

Thanks for your nice email. Our stay at Casa Moricciani was fantastic. We enjoyed every minute. It not only met our expectations but exceeded them. It was a shame that the weather didn't allow us to fully enjoy all the outdoor facilities.

We have the best memories of our trip to Tuscany and hope we can repeat it soon.

Thanks for the recipes!! They are wonderful!!

All the best,
María and Camilo
19 June 2016


Ciao Isabella,
Thank you so much for the recipes! We would have preferred less rain, however, our stay in your beautiful villa far exceeded our expectations! Your sweet hospitality, beautiful home, and delicious food/treats were so much more than we could have expected. And your travel book was amazingly helpful and showed your desire to ensure your guests had everything they needed for a wonderful stay! We do hope to return one day and reconnect, and will definitely refer anyone we know wanting an unforgettable experience in Italy!
Shana De Paoli
13 June 2016


Hi Isabella,

Our stay with you far exceeded our expectations in every way. The Stelle Fisse was fabulous and we would stay there again if we return. The area was so beautiful and your family and staff so warm and inviting. It was a very special vacation.

The activities and the group of people we connected with while staying there were so much fun.

The level of organization and attention to detail really made our stay easy and we definitely felt pampered.

Until next time,

6 May 2016


Ciao Isabella and Carlo,

Thank you so much for the most wonderful and memorable vacation we have ever had. I will miss those beautiful misty hills and valleys until the day I eventually return! You made us feel so welcome and at home!

We are very appreciative of your warm hospitality and we love your wonderful family, one and all! Also, grazie mille for finding my little bear, Paca. His fur is from the softest wool of the alpaca from South America. He keeps wanting to stay longer at places than we can (I don't blame him in this case).

Thank you again for everything you have done for us! We do hope to return one day, not too far in the future.

Until then, take care, we will remember you all fondly,
Joan and Tim (and Paca)
28 Aprile 2016


Our vacation WAS everything we hoped for! We are a little "homesick" for the villa. There is still so much cooking and eating and exploring to be done!

We are so thankful for every little detail that made our stay with you so special. Not only was our apartment exquisite, but thanks to you and Carlotta, we also saw things and did things we never would have found on our own. We are already planning for next time!

I have also given your information to my good friend Larry. His family and mine come from Italy about 30k apart, near Viareggio. He and his wife travel to Italy every year with 2-3 other couples. I told him how perfect the villa would be for one of his visits.

Thank you so much for the recipes. We will definitely try them out. Especially the pici. We need to practice. :-)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Hope to see you again soon!
Leah Vitali-Haggerty
7 November 2015


Hi Isabella
Thank you for your email and the recipes. We will look forward to cooking a Tuscan dinner for our friends on our return home. We loved our time staying with you in Castelmuzio and the opportunity to explore Tuscany from such a beautiful and comfortable "home" base as Stella Fisse was. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, assistance in planning our itinerary and everyone's attention to detail. Our stay was a dream come true!
Sue and Ted
26 October 2015


Thank you so much Isa!

I had a wonderful time - truly the best vacation I've ever had and am so grateful to you all for making it so special (and to you for helping me find something for my broken finger!) A small thank you for you and Carlo is in the mail.

I'm already trying to find time to come back next year with some friends :)

All the best,
21 October 2015

PS: my mom and aunt LOVE the skin care products!


Ciao Isabella,

It is wonderful to hear from you. I think of my trip to Italy everyday. The highlight was definitely Tuscany. Friends of mine want me to return with them. I think Primo Mobile would work beautifully for us. Do you have approximate rates for September for 3 people?

I took a photo of these recipes and hope to try them soon.

Arrivederci for now…
21 October 2015


Thank you Isabella. We had a great time again, you make us feel at home
I'm sure we will be back
21 October 2015


Our stay with you was spectacular
Have passed your connection to friends who want to go to Tuscany
Take care
13 October 2015


Hi Isabella,

Just enjoying a glass of limoncello on the porch under the grapevine by myself on my last night at your wonderful villa. I can't thank you and Carlo enough you are both wonderful hosts and you have a very special place here. A big thanks to Carlotta and the dinner we had with her and Giancarlo was one of the highlights of our trip.
I would like to order some Cretaiole oil and wine and have it shipped to our home to bring back some great memories of Toscana while we do our best to keep warm during our long winters.

All the best to you and your family for 2016. Hope to see you again.
Steve Bush
2 October 2015



I would like to say that this has been a life experience for me and I cannot express how much I have enjoyed my stay at your wonderful villa.

Thank you again,
Peter Holland
1 October 2015


Ciao Isabella,

Ci è piaciuto moltissimo il soggiorno nel Val d'Orcia! Grazie anche per le ricette golose, abbiamo mangiato molto bene e come si sa, è importante per i Francesi.
Mandiamo i nostri amici da voi!
Cordiali saluti,
6 September 2015


Ciao Isabella,
Thank you very much for your sweet message. We enjoyed strongly our stay in Val d'Orcia.
We advise our friends and family to visit you, and we hope to come back one day.
All the best.
6 September 2015



Thank you for making our first visit to Tuscany a truly memorable experience! We have been raving to all our friends about our trip and especially highlighting our stay with you at Casa Moricciani! The family dinner was our family's favorite part of the trip. From the pici making to Luciano's limoncello it is an evening we will not forget! This will definitely NOT be our only trip! Thank you also for the recipes. I have the ragu simmering on the stove as I write this email. My boys insisted on making something from your collection of recipes as soon as I mentioned your email. Looking forward to trying out the panzanella salad as well.

Thank you again! Until we meet again...
28 August 2015


Dear Isabella and Carlo,

What a wonderful and amazing surprise for us when Carlo opened the door to Stelle Fisse and we came face to face with such a gorgeous array of flowers, and fruits and vegetables and candy and nuts and a huge assortment of provisions.....not to mention all of the decorations, including multitudes of hearts made from vines....oh my, I am forgetting so much! And all of that was extra, above and beyond anything imaginable. Thank you for the extra effort and thought behind all of it.....what a way to begin a vacation, and a 50 year celebration! It took our breath away!!!!

We enjoyed our stay in Tuscany, in Casa Moricciani, more than ever this year, thinking it may be our last trip to (medical things, and age, you know) to our favorite place. Tuscany is heaven on earth, I think.

We just want you to know how much all of your efforts mean to us, so we thank you just one more time!

Love to you both. And tantissimi auguri!!!!
Sandy and Bud Brawner
27 July 2015


Thank you Isabella for your wonderful hospitality and accommodations. We had a fabulous time. I sent my brother your contact information. He and some friends are planning a trip in April 2016.
26 July 2015


Dear Isabella,

I hope you received my photos and know that we are truly thankful for everything you have done to make our journey to Tuscany memorable. I will remember all your tiny details. I wish you and your family much success and love.
Best wishes,
25 July 2015


Dear Isabella,

First of all, thank you so much for all the amazing arrangement, super hospitality & great care during our short stay. This is our first time to Tuscany and staying in Casa Moricciani was simply u-n-f-o-r-g-e-t-t-a-b-l-e. Everything are surprises to us and way better than any 6 stars hotel. All the details that prepared like activities proposal, travel guidebook, restaurant recommendation to the selection on pillow, mattress & bed sheets.....are just Astonishing. Very thoughtful indeed that touches our hearts and it also reflects how much love your family to Tuscany & wish your guests experience the same. Till today, we still talked & think about you, Carlo, Luciano, the Dolce Vita package, the cheese, the DOC wine, the smell, the pigs, all happy moments. Words just can't describe how much we loved this trip. For sure we will come back again!

Have a great day. Cheers,
Winnie & Trevor from Hong Kong
21 July 2015


Hi Isabella, Carlo,

We have reached Rome comfortably. Thank you very much for sharing your home and your warmth, hospitality and help in making our trip most memorable. We loved your home, your style, and of course Tuscany!

We look forward to reciprocating your hospitality when you visit India.

Look forward.
Vikas Tandon
11 July 2015


Isabella and Carlo:

We had a wonderful time in Tuscany. The villa is amazing and the valley is spectacular.

Thank you so very much for everything. Send my regards to Luciano and Carlotta as well as Sabrina.
25 June 2015


Ciao, Isabella,

Thank you for such a beautiful message. We would come back in a heartbeat. We will make an attempt in the near future. I have attached the picture of the three of us taken at Castelmuzio‎.

Buona fortuna to famiglia Moricciani!
Frank Brunetti
16 June 2015


Thank you for everything. You have a very special property and even more special people that have made our stay wonderful.
Alison Lontz
15 May 2015



We had an amazing time---hope we can return sometime in the future.

And thanks for the recipes---I almost took that section from your book

Could you please send over some Panna Cotta for breakfast tomorrow?

15 May 2015


Our stay at your villa was incredible. Any future vacations will pale in comparison. All was perfection. You have thought of everything any guest might need or possibly want plus all the luxurious extras.

We so enjoyed meeting your family. I keep going back to your website to relive the fun. We were just saying last night how we missed the view!

Your family has the gift of making everyone welcome and included. We truly enjoyed getting to meet you and being a part of your lives even if it was only four days. You will be forever in our memories!

With gratitude,
Emily Prus
28 April 2015


Dear Isabella, Carlo and Carlotta,

Thank you to all three of you for making our stay in Stelle Fisse at Casa Moricciani so special. The hospitality you all extended to us was amazing.......we didn't want to leave and we miss you already!

I thought of you all as we left on Saturday, as you started all over again with a new lot of guests! I don't know how you do it keeping up with such enthusiasm but when you live in such a beautiful area as you do, I can understand how easy it must be to showcase - but still a lot of hard work.

The food and wine we experienced - Giancarlo's delicious dinner, the wine tasting dinner and the grand finale with Lorenza in her beautiful home - will stay with us forever. The special treats that surprised us each morning from Carlo and his olive oil tasting was yet another delight.......but not to overlook the fun night we had making Pici with you all while Carlo was firing up the BBQ. What memories! Thank you, thank you.

If you ever find your way 'down under' please let us know......maybe we could do a house exchange.......the heart of the Tuscany for the heart of Sydney!

Until we meet again

PS We loved our car ride with Luciano!
PPS Thank you also to Sabrina for all the laundry and keeping the house so great to come home to.
Dawn and Alistair ️
27 April 2015


Dear Isabella, Carlo, Luciano and Carlotta,

Yes! We made it home late Sat. evening and have been on the move ever since. Life is very, very busy here, but we are all still longing to be in Italy! Our trip was fantastic and one we will treasure forever. You all made our visit to Tuscany such a pleasure, we can't thank you enough.

I have been so busy since returning home that I haven't had a minute to upload all my photos from our trip, but when I do, I promise to send a few your way. I will write more soon, but for now, Caio and grazie mille!

PS Thanks for the recipes. I have already cooked pasta, without oil and lots of salt in the water . . . it is much improved! That was a great tip
The Mathis family
9 April 2015


Ciao, What a nice surprise to hear from you! We had a perfect time at Casa Moricciani - everything exceeded our expectations, and we have already provided your names to many friends who hope to follow in our footsteps one day! Carlotta was truly a wonderful daily guide as well. We are enjoying all the delicious wine and truffle oil and olive oil we brought from the farm, and I just found an Italian grocery to buy fresh pappardelle so I can attempt to repeat some of the delicious dinners we had in the area! I cannot think of a single thing to tell you to improve on - you are doing a fantastic job! I have been meaning to post a wonderful review on trip advisor, and I will do so. Is there any other place that would be helpful to you to post reviews?

Grazie mille for sending the cook book, that is so so nice of you. I am going to wrap it and put it under the tree for a Christmas surprise from you for Fred, as he is the one who really really wanted to have it (and I will love using it as well!).

Have a nice holiday, and thanks again for a lovely and memorable stay - we only wish we could have stayed longer! Next time!!
Joanne Telischi
6 December 2014


Hi, Isabella!
I was going to write right after return home but then as usually have been swallowed by daily business routine.
I would like to say thank you for our stay in your villa! It was our first time in Tuscany and it exceeded all expectations – it was exactly that perfect stay which I was imagining! Thank you for organizing all activities – all people we have met were really great! And also it was great to meet your family – they are all very nice people!
We will definitely come back one day as there are still many things to do :)
Thank you once again for your hospitality and help!
Kind regards,
1 December 2014


Dear Isabella

Thank you so much for writing and for your recipes! We really appreciate the canned tomato recipe especially, as we have a garden and can tomatoes ourselves, so this will be great to try. Ann is from an Italian family and like her mother and grandmother, she is a great cook. So we would love to get the recipes from the big book to try.

It does not make sense to ship the clothes. Is there anyone there who can use them, or perhaps a used clothing organization or business that will take them? Please feel free to give them away as you see fit, and we are sorry we forgot them there. Sabrina did such a nice job washing them and they were delivered so beautifully.

We should add, that she did a perfect job each day cleaning our suite and making everything look just perfect. You are lucky to have such good help!

We got home yesterday and we already look forward to our next trip to Tuscany. We will stay in touch and hope to stay there again one day. We are also recommending Cretaiole and Casa Moricciani to people we know here. Our stay there was outstanding.

Thank you again
Eric and Ann
27 October 2014


Cara Isa e grazie mille a te!

Saro molto felice provare queste ricette! E quando le facciamo, ci penseranno di voi, e la nostra vacanza meravigliosa a Casa Moricciani. La bella vista...

Anche tu a la tua famiglia, sono cosi speciale, e tutti erano molto paziente con me quando io ho provato parlare Italiano!

Speriamo di tornare a Casa Moricciani l'anno prossimo o l'anno dopo.

Ciao e baci,
26 October 2014



We are (sadly) home again. Next time we come to Tuscany, we will certainly stay in Primo Mobile! There cannot be an equal place in all of Tuscany with such fantastic luxury, views, and hospitality. You and Carlo are wonderful people and hosts. Thanks again for everything.

Randy Mason
12 October 2014


Ciao Isabella,

We had an excellent time. The warm hospitality extended by yourself, your family and Carlotta is exceptional. We are so happy that we found you!!

Grazie Mille!! And thank you for the recipe. We will definitely try it. I sincerely hope one day we will be back again. Take care

Samantha and Arthur
August 25, 2014


Ciao Isa!

We are missing you too! I cannot say enough about our experience in Tuscany. It was truly the best vacation we have ever had, due in large part to your family and the many wonderful, generous people we met while there. It was sad leaving after meeting so many people that we came to consider as friends. It was the first trip that when it ended I was not ready to go home. I think I could stay there forever. What beautiful lives you lead. It was so refreshing to meet so many people who value what is really important in life. We are already trying to convince our daughter and her husband to cancel our trip to St. Barts and return with us to Tuscany next Spring.

We would be honored to to provide reviews for you. I know these are important to people like me who are traveling to Italy for the first time and are unsure about where to stay and what to do. Seeing positive reviews definitely helps in decision making. We would highly recommend a stay with you to anyone considering a trip to Italy, especially those who want to have a real experience and learn about the people, culture and traditions of the area while they are visiting not just "sight see". It was a very special time for us that we will never forget because of this. I will also forward your email to Jim and Janice so they can comment as well.

Thank you so much for the recipes! We are very excited to use all that we learned about Tuscan cuisine at home. I am already trying to convince Rick to make a wooden board for me to make pici. And we are going to try some of Nicola’s recipes for dinner tonight.

We will definitely see you all again. Please give our love to Carlotta, Luciano, Liliana, Carlo, Laura and everyone who took such great care of us! And tell Luciano that we will work on our Italian for him!

Grazie mille

PS. I forgot to tell you how wonderful Trattoria della Filiera was. Daniella and her brother “Max” were wonderful hosts and the food was fabulous. I hope to see them busier the next time we are in Castelmuzio. They are a hidden gem with a great concept.
May 31, 2014


Dear Isabella,
My stay in Italy was everything I had hoped, and then some (including the adventures off-track that my sister and I got into!).
I want to write you a more extensive review (all good!) because the trip was like nothing I have experienced before in my travels, and it is largely due to the generosity of your family and staff and fellow travelers - I love how it was a perfect blend of individual experience, mixed in with the tours...it was the perfect combination for me and you seem to be onto something there!
Keep up the very delightful work that you all do so well...please give my love to the family (especially Carlotta - she was our guardian angel!)
Carol ONeill
May 29, 2014


Ciao Isabella,

We had such a great time at your place in Tuscany. Thanks for all your thoughtful help. We'd love to return in a couple of years for an extended stay in Castelmuzio.

We are in Palermo now, and we go to Rome later today. Italy is wonderful.

Thank you for the recipes! One question: one morning you kindly delivered a small glass pot of something delicious and very creamy with strawberries on top. Do you know what I am referring to and if so, please tell me what it was? (if not, don't worry).

May 23, 2014


Ciao Isabella and Carlo,

Bill and I cannot thank you both, Luciano, and Carlotta for making our last week stay in Italy such pure magic - even with the torrential rains. It is our privilege to be able to tell people about how wonderful our stay was with you. For the past 2-1/2 weeks since we have been home, I have been doing nothing but telling people how wonderful our trip to Italy was and especially how great our last week was at Casa Moricciani. I also tell them about Cretaiole. God willing, we will definitely be back again to visit with you.

Grazie mille and hugs to everyone there.
Elena and Bill Colli
May 20, 2014


We had a wonderful time in Tuscany, absolutely fell in love with it. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for creating opportunities to really get to know the local people. That made the experience so personal and special, definitely not like any other travel I have done before. I am absolutely sure I will be back in the future and fully expect I'll be convincing friends and family to do the same!.
Jenny Ryan
May 15, 2014


Ciao Isabella!

Grazie, everything was beyond wonderful for our stay. Our only regret was to not have stayed longer. We are already talking about planning another trip in 2 years and bringing our children and renting the bottom portion of the villa for a week. :)

Thank you again for allowing us to stay at Casa Moricciani.

With love,
Sriti Fusillo
May 12, 2014


Thanks Isabella. We had a wonderful trip and miss Tuscany terribly! Thank you for helping to make it a great stay.
Thanks again.
Iain Bamford
May 7, 2014


Thank you, Isabella
Our trip was beyond our expectations. We loved every aspect of Castlemuzio, Casa Moricciani and your family (of course, including you).
We cannot wait to return. We will definitely write a review
Kim & Chris Hines
May 2, 2014


Good morning Isabella and a Happy New Year to you and all the Family,

We hadn't even left the Rome airport and we had already shared your contact information with another Canadian couple. My daughter's co-worker is also excited to visit you, as she commented, "This is just what I've been looking for." Even my optometrist pulled up your website, while I was in for a check-up.

Thank you for sending us Isa's recipes and again thank you for making our time with you so memorable. We have talked about visiting you again and then adventuring into Switzerland and Austria. We will see how life unfolds.

Robert and Elaine
January 13, 2014



Both Stephanie and myself enjoyed the trip so much that it hurts us to leave the villa on the last day.. we will definitely be back and maybe we will bring our larger family this time round to take up the whole house...

See you again soon

8 January 2014


Isabella, we had so much fun staying with you. We just wanted to say grazie mille again. We love you guys.

David DeBoer
17 November 2013


Ciao Isabella,

Our stay in the beautiful villa in Castelmuzio was wonderful. Thank you for the upgrade to the downstairs apartment; it was such an unexpected surprise upon our arrival to the villa. We appreciated the space, and the opportunity to cook in a chef's kitchen with all the fresh local ingredients provided to us. The chef prepared a delicious dinner for us as we settled in on our first day. The villa exceeded our expectations and you have certainly thought of everything that a person would want or need. It was PERFECT! We felt very much at home and quite comfortable. The cozy living area in Primo Mobile gave us some great family time together in the evening. Waking everyday to such beautiful landscapes was amazing. I know I never tired of the views of the countryside of the Val d' Orcia during my stay.

Carlo was incredibly accessible and patient especially when he was called to rescue us with a dead car battery! In an instant Carlo was there fixing the car and sending us on our way to spend the afternoon at Nostra Vita. The time spent with Annibale, Elena and Giuditta will be remembered fondly. Touring the vineyard, wine tasting and the chance to see Annibale's library was very special.

Experiencing Siena with Antonella was fantastic. We felt it was like being with a good friend who couldn't wait to share something very special with you. Antonella's knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for Siena was very apparent. My family and I agree that we would not have appreciated Siena with all its history and beauty, had it not been your recommendation and Antonella's wonderful guidance.

Carlotta could not have been more attentive, helpful and kind. I hope we didn't drive her crazy! I am confident that you know what a treasure Carlotta truly is. Touring your family farm and Hermitage was something we will always remember. How fortunate the town of Pienza is to have such dedicated people like Carlo and Luciano to preserve such an important archeological discovery.

Luciano and Liliana are wonderful people who have a genuine warmth and graciousness. Sharing your family life and home with so many guests is truly an art that you all have mastered! We are planning to share your wonderful wine, olive oil and all our experiences with family and friends over the Christmas holiday. Thanks for sharing the family recipes.....we do love to cook and of course eat great food!

Grazie mille to you and your family for providing us with a memorable time in Tuscany. We all hope to return and spend more time in Tuscany very soon.
All the best for a wonderful holiday season.
Karen, Larry, Lauren and Megan Ross
12 December 2013


Dearest Isabella,

We have been reminiscing about our visit and have decided Sunday will be a reunion. And, you should be pleased to hear we are making Pici!

You were thoughtful enough to send me the recipes from the Big Book (it should be called 'Isabella's Bible'). We have two other couples we know who also have stayed with you, the Herringtons and the Zeecks, and are hoping they will join us.

In the Tuscan spirit I will make the ragu and provide the ingredients for the Pici, which we will all make. Everyone will bring something to share. And, of course, there will be wine.

Thinking of you in this blessed Christmas season.

With warmest thoughts,
11 December 2014


Ciao Isabella e Carlo!

We are home safe and sound after our long (17 hour!) flight home. I did not end up getting jetlag, but it just hit my Grandma.

We had the most amazing time, filled with such great memories and experiences. We will never forget any part of this amazing trip!

Grazie per tutto!
Matteo (Matthew)
24 November 2013


Hello Isabella,

I also wanted to say thanks for helping to create a wonderful vacation--filled with wonderful memories. We ate much, drank much and had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for your kindness and hospitality. Looking forward to staying with you again.

Big hugs to everyone.
Chris Evans
6 November 2013


Hi Isabella,
We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for your family's extreme hospitality!
2 November 2013


Isabella good to hear from you. Whenever you travel you never know what to expect of course we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived. I have stayed in some great places throughout the world and I can tell you they have nothing on you. All four of us loved our stay with you & your family and we would recommend your villa to anyone. Janet has written a review with trip advisor complimenting you, your family & staff. Thanks for a great stay & hope we can stay with you again soon.

1 November 2013


Ciao Isabella,

It is so lovely to hear from you. I cannot stop thinking about you and your entire family and we talked about you guys all the time since the minute we left Castelmuzio. You have no idea how much admirations we all have for you and Carlo. After we left Casa Moricciani for Rome, it was all downhill. I had no interest in Rome after such a tranquil week in Val d’Orcia and I was so busy with work that I ended up working in my hotel room the whole time in Rome. Our last night in Rome, we had dinner with the Willie, Kay, Ron & Donita as they were in Rome as well. We LOVE them and I think we made lifelong friends with them. :-)

I have already raved about you guys to a few of my friends who love these type of vacations and they are very nice people so you will definitely hear from them. I would say this was the BEST Italian vacation we had….and we had 18 of them!!!! We are so worried that you have set the standard so high that we would be let down elsewhere going forward. We have already decided on the date and location of our next annual European vacation – Hallstatt, Austria to do some hiking in the Dachstein. We are looking forward to it but we are trying to set our bar much lower!

We really miss you already. Please take care and please make sure you let Vivian and I know if you happen to come to Hong Kong or Singapore.

Best regards,
1 November 2013


19 - 26 October 2013


Ciao and Aloha Isa,

We had an incredible trip to our beautiful Tuscan home, Casa Moricciani is the most beautiful home I have ever stayed in, it is truly luxurious, warm and welcoming. All of our group loved the pici making, the olive oil tasting, the winery visit, trip to Siena - everything we did was spectacular. I am now trying to figure out if we can return next year. Maybe Venice next combined with Tuscany. Tim and I would love to stay in Casa Moricciani or any of your wonderful accommodations - they are all unique but what really makes all of your properties is your family - you are beyond compare. Thank you for your kindness and graciousness and all you do to make our holidays fabulous!!

La Bandita was incredible, we celebrated Connie and Paul's 25th anniversary at dinner that night. The food was excellent, the service also fabulous. It was an evening we will all cherish and remember for the rest of our lives.

Thank you so much Isa, we will be writing our Trip Advisor reviews within the next week and talking about dates for next year. Our only regret was we didn't get to enjoy a grappa and vin santo evening with Luciano, please give him a big hug for us and tell him we missed his smiling face - and oh yes the dancing - LOL.

Again, thank you, Carlo, Carlotta and everyone in your family for helping us create another beautiful trip to my favorite country in the world!!

Grazie Mille,
9 October 2013


Hi Isabella

We had a wonderful and memorable vacation at Casa Moricciani. Much thanks to you, Carlo, and Carlotta for taking good care of us and for the wonderful 'treats' each day.

All the best,
Anne-Marie and Randy
2 October 2013


Ciao Isabella,
We just got home from beautiful Italy this morning at 1 AM after a 27 hour travel day(s:). After we left you we were a week in Vernazza and hiked the Cinque Terre again and then spent a week in Roma where we enjoyed our walks and wine :)
What a wonderful surprise to receive your e mail and recipes!!! Grazie!
Walt has already read some of them and is ready to go.
We had a wonderful stay at your beautiful villa! I already put out my new tablecloth that I bought near Castelmuzio (with your recommendation!) It will always remind me of your charming villa. We especially enjoyed the views, the patio and garden where we enjoyed just talking about life. Having lost my Mom a few months ago, our relaxing time allowed us to slow down, process the events of this last year and have some quiet time together.
Your family is beautiful. We wish you a successful (and busy!!!!) September, October! and then maybe some playtime for you and your lovely family:)
Grazie mille Isabella and Carlo (thank you for all of surprise goodies too)!!!!!!

Walt and Chris
6 September 2013


Thank you very much for your mail and for your tireless hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay with you - the attention to detail and level of service were of an extremely high level and we would love to have the chance to visit again. All the best for the future and I really do hope we can come back to stay before too long.

Best regards,
Mark, Mami and Emi
3 September 2013


Isabella and Carlo – with your hospitality and the beauty of Casa Moricciani, our anniversary trip was one of the most memorable travels we have experienced to date. Thank you for the recipes ... we had a “pici party” the first weekend home, so that my daughters could participate (I have 3 – 15, 16, and 20). I think pici may become a regular item in our house!

We will recommend Casa Moricciani to all our friends who want a beautiful experience Tuscany. Thank you for your kindness and all the best to your family. Hello to Luciano, Liliana and Carlotta.

Best wishes from Canada,
14 August 2013


Thank you, Isabella, for a wonderful stay at Casa Moricciani and sharing the Dolce Vita with us! I know we are a challenging family when we travel together, you handled us with perfect grace and friendliness!

We found Italy to be such a unique and interesting country, everywhere we visited had so much history and beauty only found in that special place.

Thank you also for sharing your personal recipes with us. I looked through the recipe book at the house and wanted to ask you about purchasing one, but I forgot to. So, I'm happy to have a few to try now that I'm home. I would like to find a great ribollita recipe; if you have one handy (already on your computer) and could send it easily, I would so appreciate it. :-)

Grazie mille~
Tristan Green
12 July 2013

P.S. Toby's most memorable moment of our entire 17-day (Lausanne, Venice, Florence, Rome) visit: catching fireflies after the Thursday night dinner!


Hi Isabella,

Just wanted to let you know I submitted glowing reviews for you to Trip Advisor and Rick Steves. If possible we would increase your 100% rating!!!

We have not stopped talking about how much we all LOVED our stay, it was truly a high point for us. Thank you so much for giving us such an unforgettable experience.

Bobbi Whalen
12 July 2013


Ciao Isabella!

AH, we had SUCH a good time at Casa Moricciani. We are scheming and dreaming about a return. It would be so wonderful to get a pack of friends to Cretaiole, or our families in the villa and apartment in Castelmuzio....much to think about and plan. It was truly an idyllic stay. We felt so well-taken-care of, from the welcome, to the food baskets to the Notebook and skin creams in the apartment, to the beauty of the countryside, and the general feel of your whole family. Thank you.

The recipes are fantastic -- I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn't copied them out of the notebook! And now I don't have to. Can't wait to host a pici party and try the ragù! And tell all our friends about you. :)

Grazie to you and yours. Alla prossima volta!
Big hugs right back,
Kyra and Jesse
6 July 2013



We have been meaning to write you since we returned to the US to say how deeply we enjoyed spending a week at Casa Moricciani. It was so memorable, and we were so touched at all the time and attention you put in to making it the wonderful experience that it was. It really was the perfect vacation -- we felt both very relaxed and also able to explore so many of the things in the area we never would've known about but for you.

Also, thank you for the recipes! We can't wait to prepare them all. The food you provided for us was amazing! We loved eating it and cooking it and enjoying just being around the house, rather than feeling like tourists every moment.

We very much hope to return with friends and family and babies in tow -- we will stay posted and try to book as far in advance as possible.

Until then, thank you for one of the best vacations we've ever had,
Jesse Wegman
6 July 2013


Ciao Isabella and Carlo,

Thank you for your note and wonderful recipes. We arrived home from Italy last week very tired, but filled with wonderful memories. It will take weeks to process it all. I have just started uploading the many photos of all the beautiful places we visited. Our three weeks in Italy flew by so fast, it is nice to re-visit the many places through photos at a more leisurely pace.

Although we spoke on the phone with Julia and Chris before we left for Italy, we had never met. What a great couple. It was so very nice to finally meet them when we delivered your can of olive oil. Julia is delightful and a bundle of energy -- just like you Isabella. We told them about our many wonderful adventures discovering your “hidden Tuscany”.

We very much enjoyed our stay at beautiful Casa Moricciani and will highly recommend it to all our friends. We will also post on Trip Advisor in the near future. Thank you both for all your special touches and warm hospitality.

Fond regards,
Lydia & George
14 June 2013



We have been telling anyone that will listen that your place is simply "the best". From the welcome gifts, to the wine fridge, the views, Angelo, day trips and the local restaurant ... all "perfect".

If we we were ever in the area, we would go out of our way to stay at your place ... it was simply fantastic.

Peter Turkstra
6 June 2013


Grazie Isabella - we had a fabulous stay. There couldn't have been a better way to ensure that we would fall in love with Italy. Please read our review on trip advisor.

My parents are coming to Siena in the fall so I will be sure to ask them to drop by and introduce themselves if that is ok?? And hello to Carlotta and her husband - that was a very memorable and delicious cake!

Kat and Janet
6 June 2013



Thank you for the note and recipes and thank you especially for a wonderful time in your villa. Our time in Castelmuzio was the highlight of our European trip. In particular we enjoyed our evening at your family farm, the tour of Siena and the wonderful dinner at the villa on the last evening. Thank you again and please thank Carlo as well for us (especially for the sign my dad wanted!).

We will definitely be back in the future!
Gregg Gill
5 June 2013


Cara Isabella,

As we sipped our wine and looked over the valley from the terrace at Casa Moricciani tonight, I had a flash of an enormous error of omission I'd made with Carlo earlier in the afternoon: when he asked me what my favorite experience of the week had been, I was in "food mode" and thought of all of the magnificent culinary experiences I'd had chez vous and also in the region. But surely, ABSOLUTELY, the most profound moment of this magical week was the exploration of the hermitage and the visit to the evocative church in which the two of you were married. No question. Please let him know how moving that site was for me and for us: I believe he is onto an important historical reclamation there, and his work will yield significant discoveries that will not only fulfill his own passion, but will contribute important new information for the historical record. Truly an exciting proposition, and we feel both privileged and honored to have been able to experience it first-hand. For that and so many other things, we thank you.

All my very best,
Franca Barricelli
1 June 2013


Isabella and Carlo

A thousand thank yous for the amazing stay at Casa Moricciani in Castelmuzio. What a wonderful experience we had. We spent our first week in Italy at your lovely villa and it couldn't have been more fantastic. Your attention to detail and beauty at your property was so welcoming (the flowers in the toilet were the ultimate). We took part in many of the activities (wine tasting and lunch at Icario, cheese tasting, tour of Siena) all of them wonderful. We drove to many of the small towns nearby and took in all the beauty of your area. I had a massage in my room that was so relaxing.

We loved that we had the Co-op right at our door and we could pick up what we wanted. You made the stay so homey with all the wonderful food and wine and oil that you left for us to use. The fresh vegetables, eggs, bread and meats were so appreciated (and delicious).

This was a dream trip for me - and we spent our 10th Anniversary just the way I dreamed.

Thank you again for your kindness. We will always remember this trip.
Ciao from Louise and Hal.. (thanks for the recipes)
28 May 2013


Ciao Isabella,

We had a great time at Casa Moricciani and the memories will last a lifetime! Grazie for all of the warm hospitality you and Carlo showed us! And thank you for the recipes. We will look forward to some yummy homemade Tuscan food.

Until next time,
Todd and girls
26 April 2013


Hi Isa,

We just got home last night and I am already missing Tuscany and all our new friends we made along the way-you and your family most of all! I cannot express how much we LOVED staying at Casa Moricciani, visiting Cretaiole and the farm. We feel that we had a true Tuscan experience.

Thank you again for ALL you did and provided for us-our trip could not have been better. We hope to return to Tuscany and when we do we will surely be in touch. For us there is no better place to stay in Tuscany than in your beautiful villa!

Please send me your recipe for the pici and the ragu! That too was special!

Love to all of you and please take care-we will see you again!
Linda Sierke
24 April 2013


Ciao Isabella!

Wow thank you for your email and remembering us. We still have wonderful memories of our stay in your accommodation and hope to be able to return one day. And thank you so much for the recipes, it’s very kind. We also really enjoyed the jar of tomatoes you left for us during our stay and were wondering if you would share this recipe with us also?

Thanks again.
22 April 2013


Isabella, thanks for your note.

We enjoyed our stay so much, and can’t wait to get back. We’ve been ranting about it! We’ll certainly be back.
Graham Arnett
15 April 2013


Ciao Isa and Carlo,

Grazie for the recipes!! A big batch of ragu sounds perfect with the first real snow falling outside our window right now. We will definitely attempt your risotto... although for some reason, risotto just tends to not turn out quite right when made by Americans ;)

Our parents had such a wonderful time in Tuscany - they still can't stop talking about it, and showing their pictures off to all their friends!

We miss Castelmuzio and the entire famiglia Moricciani so much - Hope we'll be able to make plans to visit again very soon! With our wedding in July, this will be a very busy year for us, but it won't feel right if we can't fit in a trip to the Val d'Orcia somewhere in there!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! xoxoxo

Libby & AJ
9 December 2012



Just wanted to thank you for your help and direction... we really enjoyed our stay........ although the weather was not too good! Casa Moricciani is lovely and really cosy. Well done!

Lara and Karl
4 December 2012


Dear Isabella,

We had the best time staying with you that we have ever had in Italy. We had the best food and, of course, the best company. Your villa is so beautiful and I loved all the furnishings; I wanted to bring them all back with me. We are doing our kitchen, and have decided to get a stove like the one you have. You have beautiful taste! I love Claudia and enjoyed every second, and I loved meeting you; I feel like I have known you for a much longer time. We will certainly come back and I have told many friends what a wonderful place you have and what an incredible visit we had.

We can't wait to see you again. Thank you for making our visit so incredible.

Until next time,

Pam (and Lee) Eslicker
3 December 2012


Ciao Isa,

We were thrilled to hear from the two of you, and delighted to write a glowing review of our fabulous week spent with you in Castelmuzio. It was definitely the highlight of our three weeks in Italy. As I mentioned in the review, we think of you often as we enter our home, now that we too have the gorgeous iron door mats from Giovanni. They are a constant reminder of a glorious week in Tuscany....so many fond memories! We will be trying some of your recipes, many thanks for including them. That little gesture is so typical of every- thing you do to enhance to experience of your guests. I was hoping for a recipe for the fabulous white bean Tuscan soup I fell in love with from the restaurant of your dear friend in Pienza. I have tried two recipes since our return, but neither came close to his.

You mentioned two other couples from Tulsa in your note; and unfortunately we don't know either of them. Sure wish we did, as we could share a glass or two of wine and our experiences in Tuscany.

We hope this finds all in your family well and rich with the anticipation of the holiday season.

Carrie and Dennis Grote
3 December 2012


Ciao Isabella and Carlo,

Thank you so much for the Pici recipe. We will try it soon.

We had a wonderful and memorable time in Tuscany.

When we left Casa Moricciani, we went to Sorrento for a three night stay and then to Roma for a five night stay. Although we enjoyed the culture and city life of Roma with all its museums and basilicas, it still did not compare to the beauty and tranquility of the Pienza countryside.

We will certainly return one day.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and passion of Tuscany with us.
Martin and Elise
2 December 2012


Dear Isa,

Greetings from Oklahoma!! We made it home safe and sound and, fortunately for us, Sandy didn't interrupt our plans.

We are so happy you like your scarf, wish we could have given you a big HUG to go with it! It was fun to give the hug to Carlo .....for you! Andi told us to give you a hug from her, so you got lots of hugs!

We had the most amazing experiences in our three week stay in Italy, but staying with you and Carlo in your beautiful home was the highlight! You spoiled us and we loved it! Thank you SO much!! We both look forward to returning someday.

Thank you again, Isa, for all your hard work with planning and guidance ......but for your kindness most of all...

Judy and Carol
8 November 2012


Ciao Isabella,

Grazie for your kind words. We had an absolutely wonderful time. The service and accommodations were impeccable. You have created a magical, special place and we appreciate you opening your home to us.

We knew we would miss your lovely house, but didn't know how much until we arrived at a farmhouse near Orvieto. However, we adjust and moved our flights to go to Sicily 4 days early! We may have discovered that you have the best accommodation in Tuscany & Umbria.

I'm so thrilled we were able to enjoy vino together on the last night. We look forward to visiting again. If you ever want to visit California, we would love to assist and certainly take you sailing in the San Francisco bay!

All the best. We miss you already!
Trina Van Pelt
30 September 2012


Hi Isa,

Thank you so much for sending us the recipes! We will try some of them.

We absolutely had the BEST time at Casa Moricciani! We haven't stopped talking about it. The service and attention to details were excellent.
The area was so fun to explore and we loved doing the activities that you put together. We only wish we had stayed longer to do more of the activities! We hope to return with friends or family one day.

Many thanks to you and Carlo for such a great trip and we have some of your olive oil to remind us of our time in Val D'Orcia.

All the best,
Cleo + James
4 September 2012



We had such a fantastic time staying there. Our whole trip was great, but the 5 days there were particularly wonderful. You couldn't have been more accommodating.

Thanks again for everything you did for us while we were there. We loved it.

All things warm and wonderful to you and yours--
Heidi DeJong
31 August 2012


Isabella and Carlo!

It’s wonderful to hear from you. You can’t imagine how much we miss Tuscany—especially Castelmuzio! We of course have you and Carlo to thank for the magical time we had and I would be delighted to write a review on those websites. As Boram knows, I have never written anything on any website in the past, but I am excited to write one for you and Carlo—it would be our joy!

Thank you also for the recipes! I know Boram and I will be making one of these (try to anyway) this weekend and reminisce about bella Toscana!

Warm Regards,
Boram and James

P.S., attached are a couple photos for you to remember us for next time. If you and Carlo ever pass through Hong Kong, please let us know—would be wonderful to see you!

21 August 2012


Hi Isa,

Dan and I just wanted to say thank you so much for making our week in Tuscany so enjoyable and special. We were very sad to leave today, but are sure we will come back again one day!

Would you mind sending us the pici and ragu recipes so we can attempt to make this for our friends back in Australia? We successfully managed to enjoy pici every day whilst in Tuscany!

Thanks so much and please keep us up to date with all that is happening in the future.

Jane + Dan Wilmott
21 August 2012


Ciao Isabella, we had such a wonderful vacation. Casa Moricciani far exceeded our expectations. What a beautiful, enchanting place. We enjoyed it so much. You have exquisite taste! I love all the antiques especially the lamps. You gave me some great decorating ideas!

The garden is lovely. I always woke up early while Frank and Lucas were still asleep. I would make myself a tea/coffee and sit all alone at the patio table just enjoying the breathtaking view and listening to the birds chirping and the humming of the humming moths. I could sit there forever. So peaceful.

We enjoyed meeting your wonderful family at the Pici dinner. Liliana, Luciano, Laura and Giulio. We had some good conversations, great food and wine. I even danced with Luciano. We truly enjoyed meeting them as well and wish we had more time to spend with them. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Giuliana and Claudia/her husband are amazing also. We spent some time getting to know them and they are really terrific and very dedicated workers who go out of their way to please you. Everything they did had an added touch to it. We enjoyed the pastries that were delivered to us. I could not eat enough pecorino cheese. I love it!! Thank you.

We visited many towns, went to Florence, ate too much and had great wine and Vinsanto. Yesterday we found the Prada outlet and bought some great things. It was worth it for sure.

Now I look out my window and it looks so boring. No more hills and beautiful scenery. We will definitely come back and refer our friends and family to Casa Moricciani. We also need to return to see you, Carlo and the boys. I hope you had as wonderful a vacation as we did.

Mille Grazie!
Julie Greco
28 July 2012


Dear Isabella and Carlo:

We returned to Atlanta last night and are already missing the lovely Italian countryside. Our stay with you was the perfect beginning to our wonderful trip. All of your hospitality and attention to detail spoiled us upon our arrival in Tuscany. All of your dinner recommendations were great and we thoroughly enjoyed the concert in San Giovanni. Our stay was perfect from start to finish.

Could you possibly do a favor for Michael? The restaurant in Castelmuzio said that they would give him the recipe for the soup that he had our first night (it was a pureed bean soup) but they were closed on Monday night so we did not have a chance to go back to get it. He would greatly appreciate the recipe if not too much trouble.

We will definitely recommend your properties to others and appreciate all that you did to make our stay so special.

Ciao and grazie!
Kathy and Mike
17 July 2012


Ciao Isabella and Carlo!

GRAZIE, GRAZIE, GRAZIE!!! We had the most wonderful visit to Italy and it is all because of you! You provided us with an abundance of culture and hospitality so that we could experience Italy in a very personal way and we certainly did. We loved getting to know you and your family. Thank you for taking us to tour the grounds of the hermitage site. It was a rare experience for us and quite fascinating. The kids really enjoyed it. Thank you for the fun evenings learning how to make pici and learning about your olives and olive oil at Cretaiole. You are such generous hosts and we're very grateful for the meal you prepared for our family, including your wine which is excellent! I wish I could have brought several bottles of your red table wine home with me...and your olive oil too!

The house in Castelmuzio was absolutely perfect. It was stunning. I love the way you have decorated it and appreciate all that you made available for us to use. You provide the best of everything! I enjoyed using your quality pots, pans and cooking utensils. I'm going to buy myself the Italian coffee pot for my July 15th birthday! Thank you for the fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit, eggs and all of the additional groceries and treats you provided as well.

We thought of you both when we watched the Euro Cup games between Italy & England and Italy & Spain. Will went crazy when Italy beat England. When Spain was beating Italy Will said "I bet Carlo is so mad right now that he's outside chopping down his olive trees!", ha ha ha ha. We were cracking up! We watched the final game in London in a Spanish tapas restaurant....with a lot of loud and proud Spanish women!

Thanks for the recipes! I'm making the pici for my mother in law who is coming over for dinner this week to hear about our trips to Italy and England.

We love and appreciate you both. We'll be back!!!!!

Michelle Nicholas
10 July 2012


Dear Isabella,

We had a great time at Casa Moricciani and cannot praise high enough the high quality of the Villa and, of course, the hospitality of both of you.

The recipes are amazing and will be tested in our Berlin kitchen.

I also wanted to send along a link to my review on my blog Luxurylovers. Hope you like it :-)


All the best from Berlin and take care,
Alexandra Bakir
22 June 2012


Ciao Isabella and Carlo ,
We are missing the beautiful Casa Moricciani already and have not stopped talking about the beauty of Tuscany and Castelmuzio which we all came to love so much. Everyone was so welcoming and kind to our family. The boys have both declared it our "best vacation ever"!
We can't thank you enough for your generosity and kindness in taking care of our every need. The pici dinner especially was a highlight of our week, a truly lovely evening for us all. The boys especially enjoyed visiting with Luciano. We loved the wine and lemoncello:-).
We will happily submit reviews on Trip advisor, although I don't think words can truly describe what an extraordinary place Casa Moricciani is.
We hope to return one day.....Austin mused that it would be perfect for a honeymoon one day!

Thank you again for making our vacation so special.
Laura, Pete, Austin, and Walker Frederick
20 June 2012


Dear Isabella,

So nice to hear from you. Yes, we had a wonderful time and the highlight of the entire trip was our week at Casa Moricciani!

But as nice as our apartment at Casa Moricciani was, the best part was getting to meet you, Carlo and your entire family. You are such warm and welcoming hosts. Mindy and I can't stop talking about how you all just put your lives out there for your guests, week after week. You all work so hard to make your guests feel special (It certainly worked for us)! Yet you seem to have integrated the process into your everyday life so well that it flows naturally from each of you. It was a real pleasure to meet you and Carlo and to get to know you (at least a little).

Of course, we also loved the group activities, most notably fish night and pici making and the special places your "bible" brought us to: Fosso Bianco, the Zen garden and all the rest.

And a special thanks to Carlo for his morning surprises.

We thank you for making our 30th anniversary very special indeed.

Warmest regards,
Peter & Mindy
18 June 2012


Isabella---thanks for the recipes...we will enjoy them and remember our wonderful stay at Casa Moricciani. It was the highlight of our trip. I have already passed the word to many friends about the treasure you have created. We will continue to do so. Many thanks to you and Carlo for being such great hosts.

Fred Fudacz
18 June 2012


Hi Isabella

Sorry I was planning to send you an email last week but things have been bit crazy since we got back. We had the most amazing time at Casa Moricciani and wanted to thank you for an incredible stay. It was beautiful and we will definitely be back.

Thanks again and we're looking forward to making and eating the food from the recipe book.
Ricky and Phoebe
18 June 2012


Ciao Isabella & Carlo
We are home & unfortunately overcoming the flu & getting back to our normal every day routine (so hard)!
I have put up a review on Trip Advisor & noticed everyone else has rated you as "EXCELLENT" as well! We had the most amazing experience & I have already highly recommended your beautiful villa to a friend!
We (the four of us) were apprehensive at first to become involved in the activities & orientation day you organised, but are so glad we did!! I particularly loved Sandra's organic farm & your pici making class, fantastic! Also,Tony just loved Carlo's BBQ sausages!!!
My whole expectation of what I wanted to experience was met over & above! You are an amazing host & we will definitely be back to your beautiful Pienza.
Thank you Isabella from Tony & I for making our trip to Italy one we will never forget!

PS We are yet to make pici, but I intend to practice & have Nat & Mark over very shortly
Grazie Mille
Gail & Tony
18 June 2012



We had a great trip overall and Casa Moricciani was the highlight. We already have friends asking about Tuscany and will certainly recommend your place.

Bill Lee
17 June 2012


Hi Isabella… just a personal note to say our stay in your beautiful country was all and more that we were told about… and what we were looking for… a local experience, good food & wine and the personal touch that you and Carlo so unselfishly contributed..

No doubt we will be sending you some photos and yes we are having an "Italian" dinner night in a week or so with your recipes including Pici “Moricciani Style”… wish us luck!

Ciao for now…
Keith Brown
4 June 2012


You have no idea what a special Holiday you gave Clyde and I. We were blessed beyond words to have met you and your family. I just finished writing in my travel journal and I plan to write reviews on all the web sites. Clyde and I both were so touched by the natural beauty and history of Italy but more so by your passion and generosity toward us. The accommodations were beyond our highest expectations. We are not rich in money, but are now more rich in experience and appreciation of Italy and particularly Toscana. We are full of gratitude for having the vacation of a lifetime. Clyde was nervous about traveling to a place where we did not know the language, but the language of your welcoming kindness spoke to us clearly and your special attention made all the difference.
Thank you many times over.

Salute and Hugs to both you and Carlo,
From, Clyde and Joan Melton, your Indiana friends.
14 May 2012


Thanks Isa!

We had a great vacation and are missing Italy already. Casa Moricciani and your hospitality exceeded our every expectation and were the highlights of our trip to Italy.

You and Carlo are great hosts and we hope to return someday!


Hi Isabella,

I just wanted to say that my parents sound like they are having the time of their lives and they LOVE your place - mom is already plotting a future family trip! So perhaps we shall meet someday. I got a few voice mails and they couldn't sound happier. The place must be awesome, as my mom has very high standards. ; )

Thank you so much for everything and for making their stay so special,
Danielle D'Agosto


Dear Isabella,

You are remarkable! I have forwarded e mail to the others. I just submitted a review to Trip Advisor and will be following up with Flip Key, etc. When Dan’s back from his business travels we hope to go through our pictures to send some to you .I have already printed and shared your recipes with friends that have travelled to Italy many times and am sending them the link to your website. Grazie mille to YOU and Carlo!

Barb Levy



Thank you SO MUCH for everything that you helped us with last week. The week was amazing and we will remember it forever! We did finally make it to Florence and loved our time there as well. We can not thank you enough for all of your help with the car situation!

We are already making plans to come back in a year or two with some friends... hopefully to fill up all 3 apartments there with our friends!!

Once I get a chance to get through some of the photos, I will send a few your way. I took some fun ones of the kitchen and the grounds and would love to give them to you!

Thank you again Isabella, it was a truly wonderful experience!

Kelly & Clint Brewer
29 March 2012


Review Posted on Trip Advisor

It's very rare to have every aspect of a stay exceed all expectations, but our stay at Casa Moricciani did just that. We are three women who have been traveling together for years, and while we've had the pleasure of staying in many wonderful places, this is definitely #1. From my very first contact with Isabella, to our slightly teary goodbye, each of our experiences with this wonderful person was a delight. She's a true gift to all she meets, and should you have the good fortune to stay either at Casa Moricciani, or at any of the other properties owned by her family, please jump at the chance. I promise that you'll have no regrets.

As to Casa Moricciani itself and the town of Castelmuzio please look at the pictures and know that the reality is even better--beautiful is too soft a word. Best of all, enjoy all that Isabella and Carlo her husband have to offer you to make your Tuscany stay exactly what you dreams imagine . Others have written about the town and villa in detail so I won't repeat, but know that Isabella personally met us in Pienza to lead us to the villa, the amazing kitchen was stocked with everything we needed, Carlo was there to help us with our bags, we ended up deciding to stay "home" every night to enjoy our beautiful Casa complete with wood-burning fires and views never to be forgotten. Isabella arranged a driver (the wonderful Angelo) to take us to the towns and local areas that we hoped to see, set up a winery tour, and found us Roberta who guided us around Sant'Anna (think English Patient and be sure to read the book and watch the movie), Montepulciano, where its famous coppersmith crafted a copper piece just for us, and Pienza, the most lovely city ever. We would have missed a lot without Roberta, and found her to be a real friend.

Perhaps our most memorable experience was the chance to meet Carlo's dad, Luciano. We were honored to meet him at his home where he treated us to his sausages, wine, bread and olive oil--all amazing--so much good food that we didn't need dinner. He also showed us the animals that fed both family and guests--very large pigs! We felt like family.

My wish is that we can each go back to stay with the Moriccianis and bring our own families with us. Along with a stay at Casa Moricciani, I hope very much to bring my family to stay at their Agriturismo Cretaiole--the best of both worlds.

Note that as we had our own rental car I initially was against hiring a driver or guide, but I was wrong--both added much and our ability to relax and enjoy and learn about this special area of Tuscany was well worth the extra cost!

Thank you Moriccianis from the bottom of our hearts!
Jo, Andrea, and Ann
4 March 2012


Ciao Isabella!

Thank you for the nice email and your kind wishes on my mother’s health. She is steadily improving.

We had such a wonderful stay at Cretaiole several years ago and we expected your new villa to be great. But, it met all of our expectations and so much more. All of our family staying at the villa were very impressed - your attention to every detail made it very special, homey and comfortable.

We have told everybody who asks about our trip how wonderful Casa Moricciani is and recommend that they should definitely consider staying in Castelmuzio (or Cretaiole) if in Tuscany.

Grazie and to you and your family "Auguri Buon Natale and Buon Capo d'Anno".
Tony and Gwen
25 November 2011


Dear Isabella and Carlo,

I meant to email you sooner to tell you we had a wonderful stay at Casa Moricciani and can't wait to return sometime soon! Life is gradually back to normal, and Tiana kept saying "Italy" and "Giorno" to people. We asked if she want to go back, and she says enthusiastically yes. I think this is the first trip she will actually remember.

I have written a review on tripadvisor.com and best luck with your trip to Tokyo. If you have any other questions about your trip, please feel free to email me.

Again thank you for a great stay in Tuscany!
Jackie (Marc & Tiana)
23 October 2011


Dear Isabella,

Our stay at the Villa was magic. Meeting your lovely family added to the wonderful time we had in Tuscany. It was so perfect that it almost seems like a dream ... a dream I wish I was living this very minute. I will send you some pictures although no picture can really show the beauty I woke up to every morning. Having coffee on the terrace each morning was so special. Sigh!

We will be back, and I tell everyone that Tuscany without you and Carlo is not Tuscany.

Thank you for the best experience I have ever had in Italy (or really anywhere for that matter).

Lots of Hugs!
23 October 2011


Hi Isabella! We are back home, safe and sound. We had a fabulous trip and the week in Tuscany at Casa Moricciani was definitely a highlight. The villa was absolutely beautiful and we had many, many wonderful hours around the table outside, enjoying the spectacular setting and great food! We also appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing so many "extras" like the stocked wine cooler and vegetables from your garden and fresh eggs in the morning. Really, we were so happy and comfortable in the villa we could have stayed forever! Steve loved being able to cook in the beautiful and extremely well equipped kitchen and also appreciated the wonderful herb garden. Of course, the rest of us loved eating what he made! And the night of the cooking class was a special treat for all of us. We would also highly recommend Chiara for hiking and wine tasting.

The villa itself is beautiful from top to bottom and the location is so, so special.

I have attached a few pictures. As you can imagine, I have hundreds. Hopefully the few I am sending will be helpful and you are welcome to use any or all of them.

Again, thank you so VERY much for allowing us to stay in your special place on earth. I'll let you know when I have some new paintings.

Jane D'Angelo
17 October 2011


Casa Moricciani is without a doubt the best location we have spent on a vacation ever. We stayed in "Stelle Fisse", one of the upstairs apartments at the Villa, from 10-24 September 2011. We wish we could have spent another few weeks. The apartment is beautifully appointed with a full kitchen, including a fully stocked wine fridge and a flat screen TV. The bedroom is large and the bathroom is equipped with a shower that has a view that cannot be beat. The decor is all done with the utmost attention paid to detail. From the antiques to the fine linens on the bed, it is all top notch.

The exterior has a beautiful garden with several seating areas where we enjoyed spending evenings sitting watching the sunset with a nice glass of local wine.

Spending one evening with chef Manuele preparing a gourmet meal at the villa and sharing it outside under the grapevines which covered the patio with other guests was nothing short of magical.

The location is perfect as a short drive takes you to Pienza, Montalcino, Montepulciano or Siena. The small town of Castelmuzio is absolutely charming and easy to get to.

To make your stay even more memorable, Isabella and Carlo are the best hosts you could ever hope for. You will arrive as a guest and leave as a friend. Add to that Giuliana and Claudia, the most pleasant daily cleaning staff, and you are feeling part of the family quite quickly.

It is difficult to put into words what staying in one of Isabella and Carlo's properties is like. It is enough to say that a stay at Casa Moricciani is nothing short of magnificent. The location, the host, and the view not to mention the activities planned by Isabella and Carlo, well it doesn’t get any better. We can’t wait to return next year. When in Tuscany we would never consider staying anywhere else.

Larry and Sharon
2 October 2011


Isabella and Carlo,

Thank you both for your extremely attentive and gracious hospitality. We won’t hesitate to sing the praises of Casa Moricciani and recommend your wonderful villa to our friends and families. Barb and Jane were the photographers so I am sure they will share photos with you.

Warm regards,

Steve Perlman
10 October 2011


Thanks Isabella. We enjoyed the villa immensely. Ciao

Michael D'Angelo
10 October 2011


Ciao Isa!

We just returned from Italy yesterday, and although we are happy to be home with our kittens, we still miss Castelmuzio! It was such an incredible week, and plan to do everything we can to make another week in Tuscany happen for us next year again! I will be doing all our Trip Advisor reviews for our trip this next week, and of course will be sure to put our glowing review up for Casa Moricciani. Again, we congratulate you, Carlo, and your whole family on putting together such a wonderful vacation for so many people, ourselves included. We will surely miss Castelmuzio often until we can return again!
Grazie mille!!!

Libby Belden & AJ Ankenbauer
17 September 2011


Ciao Isabella,

What a wonderful week we had at the Villa!!!! It was all and more than I could have wanted. I have told my friends it was like being with my own Italian family that took care and pampered us. I am still in awe of all of the little details that were there. AND Carlo was so sweet, all of the extras like taking care of our bags and making everything so perfect!!! We will return. Thank you again for everything.

B. and R. Barnes
8 August 2011


Not only is Casa Moricciani very beautiful, but the "attention to detail" is exceptional. From luxurious bathrooms, fine linen and "pampering" toiletries to the beautiful kitchen with high end appliances and fully stocked wine cooler, staying at Casa Moriaccini will be one of the most fabulous vacations one can have.

The Moricciani family (Isabella and Carlo) go above and beyond the call of duty to help you have a memorable vacation. Their detailed vacation binder offers many reviews of excellent restaurants, excellent day trips and winery tours, suggestions for special events such as having an excellent chef cook you a fantastic dinner while you watch to a private dinner at a nearby hundreds of years old monastery.

T. Weatherby
28 July 2011


Casa Moricciani is a perfectly restored traditional house with ALL modern conveniences in the perfect Tuscan village of Castelmuzio. Isabella Moricciani goes out of her way to make everything perfect! Along with the many itineraries she has already prepared for your touring pleasure, she can arrange wine tours, dinner reservations, even a personal chef! The Casa can accommodate from 2 to 8 guests. We enjoyed the lower level with gourmet kitchen and 2 bedrooms both with en suite baths. A highlight was the beautiful yard! And what a view!

P. and R. Tremaine
5 July 2011


Isabella and Carlo are the perfect hosts. The property is located within fifteen minutes of Pienza and half an hour of Montalcino and Montepulciano in some of the most scenic landscape of Tuscany. Isabella's passion for Tuscan style guided every step of an impeccable restoration of this ancient stone house. Situated in the hill town of Castelmuzio overlooking gorgeous valleys and the nearby towns of Montepulciano and Pienza, olive groves and vineyards in clearings among rolling hills of hardwood forest right from your bedroom window or from the terrace lined with flowers and culinary herbs. High end but what would you expect for this comfort, elegance and location? Look at the pictures. We can't wait to go back.

J. Forrester
30 June 2011


If you are looking to stay in a true Tuscan village that is not overrun by tourists and shops I would highly recommend you stay at Casa Moricciani in Castelmuzio.

We stayed in the lower 2-bedroom unit and would recommend it over the top floors if there are 4 in your party. The best would be to rent the whole casa if you are 8 or more travelling together.

Location is perfect. It is about 2.5 hours north of Rome and easy to find. Great home base for day trips to San Gimignano, Florence, Pisa, and Siena to name a few. But Isabella has a book with over 6 suggested day trips that allow you to experience the local villages around Castelmuzio and they are well worth it.

The town is beautiful and the local restaurant and people are very friendly and go out of their way to make you feel welcome (not speaking Italian was never an issue). The Casa has all the charm you expect as well as all the modern conveniences. The highlight however is the view and the back yard. The place is very high end and worth every penny (definitely 5 star).

Isabella and Carlo are the perfect hosts. They arranged some of our dinners, a chef to cook for us at the casa, and shopped for us before our arrival so the kitchen was stocked. They will also arrange wine tours and transportation if you require it. In fact they go out of their way to make your stay memorable. If you tell Isabella what you want she will help you plan your itinerary. It is obvious thier mission is to make sure you have an unforgettable experience... and you do! Can't wait to go back.

G. Dybenko
29 June2011


My wife and I had the opportunity to visit Casa Moricciani with another couple while guests at Cretaiole in May of 2011, their other fabulous agriturismo. It was an instructional performance by a well-known chef in the Val d'Orcia, followed by a delicious dinner, all arranged by Isabella. It was clearly our best wow moment of a four-week trip to Italy. If is wasn't enough that we were in a small charming Tuscan hill town with a 270-degree breathtaking view of the Val d'Orcia, and guests in this beautiful villa, the Tuscan meal by Chef Manuele was incredible! If you like the charm of a small uncrowded Tuscan hill town, and want luxury at its finest, we highly recommend Casa Moricciani, particluarly if you want to share your experience with other couple(s), enjoy preparing meals in a modern kitchen, and be located in the heart of Tuscany's best wine region. Unlike other agriturismos, The Moricciani family provides many other value added events and opportunities regardless of which of their venues you choose.

E. Weed
Lakeland, Florida
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
29 June2011


We recently spent a week at a new villa in Tuscany called “Casa Moricciani”. It’s in Castelmuzio, just north of Pienza, Italy. We were there with another couple and their two children. They had the whole downstairs while we had the upstairs suite (two bedrooms, two bathrooms). This is an extremely upscale venue and we were awed by the amenities as well as by the views from the terrace. The recently renovated home sits on the outer wall of the small village overlooking vineyards, olive groves, Monte Amiata (the highest mountain in Tuscany) and Sant’ Anna in Camprena, the monastery where “The English Patient’ was filmed.

All in all, this was one of the most remarkable weeks of our lives. We were treated as the welcomed guests that we would always wish to be. The villa is beautifully appointed with artful “sgraffitti”, comfortable (many antique) furnishings, modern conveniences: wondrous kitchen, flat screen televisions with English-channel options, “three head” showers, and fully stocked wine cellars. There is a fountain/pool on the terrace, outdoor eating areas for enjoying the “Tuscan sun” or coolness of the evenings. Twice-weekly laundry service is also provided.

Casa Moricciani is located in Castelmuzio, a wonderful, very small, Tuscan hill town. The townsfolk are delightful and the local restaurants provide wonderful traditional Tuscan foods. The local Sangiovese red wines and the local olive oils are not to be missed. Walk through the village on a cool evening, as we did, and be enthralled – as we were.

Carlo and Isabella Moricciani were gracious hosts - always attentive to each of our needs - providing information and guidance as we needed it and a link to the true history and traditions of Tuscany and the nearby Val d'Orcia (a World Heritage Site and, I think, the most beautiful place in Italy).

Smith Family
12 June2011


Sono stata per 3 notti a metà maggio nell’appartmento al pian terreno con altri due amici. La vista è mozzafiato sulla Val D'orcia. C'è un giardino terrazzato. Gli interni e i bagni sono meravigliosi con la cromoterapia e la vasca con idro. La cantina dei vini ha una selezione ottima dei vini della zona. C'è un senso di lusso e raffinatezza con una cura dei particolari notevole (cestino di benvenuto con prodotti della loro azienda, pasta, marmellata e un sacco di prelibatezze, nonché frutta fresca e ogni altro ben di dio). I padroni di casa sono dei ragazzi giovani molto disponibili a tutte le ore. La cucina professionale con il mega frigo con distributore di acqua e ghiaccio è veramente utile. Pensate che nel pomeriggio viene una signora a fare il ripasso giornaliero con il cambio della biancheria di ottima qualità. Nel giardino c’è una vasca per rinfrescarsi davvero favoloso che, purtroppo, causa il tempo metereologico non abbiamo potuto usare.

S. Pitta
Udine, Italy
8 June2011


We just stayed for a week at Casa Moricciani. My husband and I went with another couple. We wanted a luxury stay that was affordable--would give each couple a comfortable bedroom with private bath. All of us REALLY enjoy great food, good wine, and having fun together in a beautiful spot where we have the choice to putter in the kitchen making fab meals with local products or going out to restaurants. Casa Moricciani was more than perfect for what we wanted. We stayed in the downstairs apartment, Primo Mobile, because it had a nice large, country kitchen--large enough to cook and dine in it, with french doors opening onto the patio for outdoor dining. We also enjoyed sitting in the gorgeous living room--with windows overlooking the valley onto the mountain in the distance. Everything you could wish for was provided in the villa. Any kind of need we had was met, in English, by Isabella: cooking classes, winery visits, restaurant recommendations and reservations, hikes, chanting monks, more wine for the cantina, you name it--if we needed it or wanted it, Isabella provided the assistance. She (and her husband, Carlo, too) are absolutely amazing!!!!

The yard and patio area, and the outside "dipping" pool fed by a fountain are so beautiful--and the view from every part of the yard and the house is incredible. I have seen the photos on their website (www.casamoricciani.com) and found reality to be even more beautiful than the photos.

Our biggest problem was making the decision to leave the villa to go do other things during the day--we wanted to luxuriate there and do nothing but enjoy its ambiance. So, it was always such a pleasure to come back at the end of the day.

We really depended on Isabella for suggestions regarding what to do/where to go/what to see/how to get there/. She is so knowledgeable about the area--and she helped us to identify the things that were just right for us! That kind of service you cannot find in a guide book!

We are already planning to return--if not this fall, then certainly next year! We cannot give a rating high enough to convey our satisfaction with our stay at Casa Moricciani!

The Thompsons
4 June2011

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